48-ми Международен фестивал "Софийски музикални седмици"  - 22 Май - 10 Юли 2017 г.
48th Sofia Music Weeks International Festival  22 May - 10 July 2017
Фестивалът е под патронажа на президента на Република България Румен Радев
The festival is under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev
The Festival is recipient of the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe label of the European Festival Association for 2017-2018
The festival is part of the calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality in 2017

22 May 2017


Bulgaria Hall

opening concert

Mariinsky Theatre



Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra
in St. Petersburg

Valery Gergiev (Russia)

The concert is being performed
with the help of Mr. Mikhail Pandoursky

In the program:

Sergey Prokofiev

SYMPHONY No.1 D MAJOR "CLASSICAL", OP. 25 is among the genial-
The works of the great Russian composer. His creative work
Heritage is enormous - over 130 works, including 8 operas,
7 symphonies, oratories and cantatas, concerts for solo instruments and
Orchestra, piano works, songs and romances. Optimistically,
His own music are intrinsic energy, momentum, rhythmic-
And lyrics.
The combination of the healthy roots of the Russian composer school
And his bright innovation rightfully ranks him next to the classics of the
Last century.

Claude Debussy

THE SUCCESS OF ONE FAVN is one of the first
Impressionism in Music. Frenchman Debussy is in the middle
The most valued composers of the XIX-XX century. In the works he imposes
Impressionism instead of Romanticism, a leading stream in music before
Him. His innovation is manifested in harmony and rhythm, and
Especially in the melodic beginning. The composer shows off
Courage also in terms of musical form.
He is the author of the opera, suites, nudity, rhapsody, chamber music,
piano plays.

Igor Stravinsky

"FIREBIRD" (SOUITE) is a ballet written in 1910 by order of
Impressionist Sergei Dyagilev for his ballet troupe.
Igor Stravinsky's international reputation is borne by others
Two ballets commissioned by Dyagilev: Petrushka (1911) and "Spring
The Mystery "(1913) The melody of the Sacrament confirms reputation
Her author as a revolutionary in the 20th century music.
For most of his life, Stravinsky has worked
in France and the United States

Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky

SYMPHONY No.5  E MINOR, OP. 64 of Tchaikovsky is among the best-
His works from the age of Romanticism to the present day.
The composer is the author of popular concert and theatrical musical-
Mural works in the classical repertoire, such as the Swan-
Lake "," Sleeping Beauty "and" The Nutcracker "," Celebration-
Vein overture 1812, Concerto for piano and orchestra No.1,
The opera "Evgeni Oegin", other symphonies.